Re: F5 chat window always "on top"

Laurie, VK3AMA

On 16/09/2021 3:51 am, WB5JJJ - George wrote:
Rebooting only fixed the minimize option.  The root cause was having JTA "docked" to WSJTx on top.  It was like the middle option (JTAlert always on top of other windows) was checked, which it wasn't.  I toggled it as well, and it made no difference.  But undocking solved the problem.  
George - WB5JJJ


Sounds like you have the "Follow JTAlert window" option enabled.

With that option set, any change in the main JTAlert window bring-forward/minimize/restore window state will be reflected in any of the other windows with the "Follow JTAlert" option set. With JTAlert docked to WSJTX and WSJTX coming to the top of other windows, JTAlert will be dragged forward  and that state change is also applied to the other "Follow JTAlert" enabled windows.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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