Re: jtalert v 2.50.6 broke

Mike Wilson

Did the re-boot. No joy. Un-installed and re-installed 2.50.5 and still no go. Title bar on JTAlert shows “JTAlert 2.50.5 KE5WCT [???m,,DXK,#1] (updates)”. I think the ???m is the band being worked, so it is not communicating with wsjt-x.




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Subject: Re: [HamApps] jtalert v 2.50.6 broke


Try a reboot.  I have that problem when I switch from FT8 to FT4 in WSJT .  A reboot restores function.  I don't seem to have that problem going the other way.

73 Jim NX0R - Hays, KS


On Tue, Sep 14, 2021 at 6:01 PM Mike Wilson <mwilson1946@...> wrote:

Installed 2.50.6 and now no display of calls, decode in wsjt-x ok. Went back to 2.50.5 and now it also will not displace the decodes from wsjt-x.




73 de KE5WCT

Mike Wilson

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