locked Callsign widow

Zigi Kossakowski

Zygmunt Kossakowski

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From: Ziggy's Email <zigkos@...>
Date: September 11, 2021 at 12:35:36 PM CDT
To: Support+subscribe@hamapps.groups.io
Subject: Callsign widow

This is Ziggy KZ9DX.
I Ben running WSJTX with JTAlert the latest version, running good for long time , this morning when i started JTAlert the callsign window com up 2 by 2 inch and I can’t do anything with, the confirmation icon is not visible.
I include a photo to illustrate the display. Can someone help and point me in the right direction.
Email here is zigkos@...  thank you in advance for any help.
73 KZ9DX
Zygmunt Kossakowski

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