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On 7/09/2021 7:17 am, André C wrote:
Hello  I have a problem,  I installed JTalert 2.50.5 with WSJTX 2.4.0 and desktop NET 3.0.9  on Windows10 64 bits.  Everything is 64 bits.  Problem apears after JTalert start decoding callsigns in the callsign window and then a popup box appears saying   error lIne 10388 variable used without being declared.
I re-installed JTalert but problem remain the same.

Any Advice ?   

73 André VE2WNF 

This type of random error is normally infrequent and typically occurs only once or twice for the small number of users who experience it. There is no known cause or fix.

If you are getting the error every time JTAlert starts decoding suggests a problem with the log file that JTAlert is reading to determine the B4 status. Are you using HRDLogbook? If so, that may be the problem. In recent months a small number of HRD users have experienced problems that were resolved by creating a new logfile within HRDLogbook and importing the QSOs from the old log into the new log. You will then need to set the new logfile in the JTAlert Settings. See if that works for you.

If you're not using a HRD log, perhaps it is the JTAlert config file that is a problem. You can try deleting the file and allowing JTAlert to automatically create a new file. You will need to re-enter all your old settings as they will be lost when you delete the config file. For your Callsign the config file can be found at %localappdata%\HamApps\
Stop JTAlert, delete that file or move it to a safe location, start JTAlert.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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