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On 4/09/2021 8:44 am, Joe wrote:

In the new version of JTAlert (2.50.5), I note that for some windows, like the Decodes window, it makes sense to clear the panel after each decode, while for others, like the Callers panel, one can set the persistence of the information shown in that panel, from "no auto clear" down to 1 minute.  I would like to be able to set this same parameter for clearing the DXCC Alert window, so that I can see, what DX I might have missed while I was away from my station.  This is valuable information in that it lets you know, especially over a few days, when a DX entity was being decoded at your station.  Is there already a way to do this, or would this be a reasonable thing to add??

When I initially saw the drop down box with "Callers (own call alert)" I thought this was going to be a drop down that allowed me to select a panel for configuration.  Changing it so that it does, in fact, work that way doesn't seem like a major change, but I fully realize it may be more difficult that it appears, and/or, the priority of such a modification might be so far down the list as to be not likely in the near future.  Alternatively, and maybe even better, would be a separate window that simply captured every (time stamped) DXCC alert until cleared, if enabled.

Should I get my hopes up ;-)


Persisting callsigns in the different Alert views of the Callsigns window, similar to the "Callers" view is already on my todo list. When I coded the persisting Callsigns for the "Callers" view I realized that this would be useful for other views. The underlying code framework is partially coded but not ready for going live. You can see some of that work in the Hamburger menu (3 horizontal line icon) of each view having a "Clear Callsigns" entry. Rest assured it will be happening, I just don't know when, soon I hope, but not in the next release I can say with confidence.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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