locked Re: JTAlert Main Window not Visible

JTAlert Support (VK3AMA)

On 1/09/2021 7:19 am, Robie - AJ4F wrote:
With WSJTX 2.5.0-rc5 X64 running he starts JTAlert, the reading settings box appears and then closes, and the Callsigns Window opens.  The main jtalert window never opens and call signs do not appear in the Callsigns Window even though they are being decoded and displayed by WSJT-X.

The Callsigns window is controlled by the JTAlertV2.Manager.exe process and that process is started by the main JTAlert.exe process which is also the main window. Likely the main window is off screen or is docked to the WSJT-X window and that window is positioned close to the screen edge pushing the JTAlert window off screen.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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