I have been getting this response for over a month ever since new computer win 10 have using JTAlert 2.50.5. .NET 5 Desktop Runtime installed… When I first start JTAlert all the colors of the letters are Black and the cursor is in the Name Box flashing, after a few minutes the cursor disappears and the color of the letters turn to gray… If I click in the name box the color of the letters again tune BLACK as if to turn it back ON…….. If the letters are gray and I click on someone sending CQ the persons call appears at the far left of the JTAlert box…  and at the top line of the box it says NOT RESPONDING.  1 out of 10 times the boxes will fill.   If I go to QRZ.com and bring up the person who I just worked and start doing a copy/past the boxes suddenly fill.  No problem logging but then info in the boxes will not clear I have to RESET     


If I click on a person sending CQ and the letters are BLACK and the cursor is flashing in the name box all information boxes will fill and after logging QSO all boxes empty…….   Same things happen with or without antivirus or firewalls  (Avast or windows defender firewall)   HELP

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