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Dan Bathker

Adrian VE7NZ wrote:
" ... works perfectly for all alerts except the Wanted VE Provinces Alert."
" ...
Any ideas?"

Try a 3x5 inch (75x125 mm) paper card on which you write the VE Province callsign areas you still want.
Using transparent tape, attach over your op position.
Refer to from time to time and with pencil or pen check off those as worked.

As I do for VE VK DL and J callsign areas that I'm still looking for.

Fighting overly complicated computer software that even talks to users in male Or female voice is just plain not worth the struggle.
Which is my Considered Opinion.

Definition of considered opinion:

Bottom Line: Use valuable time for Radio, not so much for Computer Software.


On 8/26/2021 1:28 PM, ve7nz wrote:
I recently updated JT-Alert. Love the idea of a Wanted VE Provinces Alert.  I rebuild my database regularly from HRD Logbook which confirms QSOs with LoTW.  This works perfectly for all alerts except the Wanted VE Provinces Alert.  Even though I can see which provinces I have worked in JT Alert, I get alerts for those provinces indicating they are ones I need - when I don't.

The setting look the same for WAS, DXCC, and VE Provinces but the results are different.

Any ideas?

Thx. Adrian VE7NZ

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