locked Re: Wanted VE Provinces not working #FT8

Monty Wilson, NR0A

The Wanted VE Provinces Alert works fine on my system.  It is a relatively new addition to the program.  Are you running the latest version?  I am running 2.50.5.  If so, then check the settings under Wanted VE Provence under the settings menu.  Make sure the Enable Wanted VE Provence Alert is checked.  I also checked the Use individual Province Name announcements  rather than the singular alert.


Hope this helps. 


Monty, NR0A



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Subject: [HamApps] Wanted VE Provinces not working #FT8


I recently updated JT-Alert. Love the idea of a Wanted VE Provinces Alert.  I rebuild my database regularly from HRD Logbook which confirms QSOs with LoTW.  This works perfectly for all alerts except the Wanted VE Provinces Alert.  Even though I can see which provinces I have worked in JT Alert, I get alerts for those provinces indicating they are ones I need - when I don't.

The setting look the same for WAS, DXCC, and VE Provinces but the results are different.

Any ideas?

Thx. Adrian VE7NZ

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