locked Re: Rebuild Alert Database


On 26/08/2021 13:55, Steve Roth - AD4K wrote:
So, the "aromatic system" should gather information from my connected logging system (HRD Logbook) and QSO's in session.  There is no "manually worked before tables", I only doing the manual corrections because they are missing when doing the JTALERT "Rebuild Alert Database". Perhaps I am missing your point.

Steve AD4K

perhaps you need to review the settings you have for the "Rebuild Alert Database" categories, and also the alert settings. I suspect there is a discrepency between your expectations of what should be alerted and what you have asked JTAlert to track as confirmed. For example if you have unique alerts set for each digital mode JTAlert tracks, yet your expectation is that once worked in any digital mode a goal is satisfied.


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