locked Re: Rebuild Alert Database


On 26/08/2021 13:42, Steve Roth - AD4K wrote:
My system consists of the following:  WIN 10 PC with current updates, WSJT-X latest version (V250.0-rc1), JTALERT V2.50.5 and HRD Logbook latest version.  I have been using this system for the last year.  I had been NOT having JTALERT directly log to my HRD Logbook, but WSJT-X was doing the logging.  It took me a long time to get the settings correct for JTALERT to automatically log to HRD Logbook and to have all  the JTALERT functions like "Show QSO History Popup" working.


After I got confirmation that everything was functioning, I did a complete rebuild of the B4 database by using the JTALERT "Rebuild Alert Database" function.  When it was done, my "wanted data" did not match my LOTW worked data, i.e. my states worked were mostly "not worked", and my DXCC worked data was partially done, with some errors.  I can use my LOTW data to manually update the wanted data. i.e., wanted states, wanted DXCC by band, etc.

My question is -- how does the Rebuild Alert Database do its job?  When I do the rebuild, I can see it scanning all sorts of things.  Does it scan my HRD Logbook?  If so, it seems to be missing things.

The other thing I found is that my JTALERT B4 Annotations on some stations is absent even though I have worked them and put them in my HRD Logbook.

Can anyone comment on these issues?

Thanks, Steve   AD4K


you are confusing the manually maintained worked before tables in JTAlert with the automatic system that gathers information from you connected logging program and QSOs in session. The two systems are separate and mutually exclusive. If you want to check who you have worked before when you are using the automatic system, then look in your logbook!


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