locked Re: JTALERT "B4"


On 21/08/2021 14:17, Steve Roth - AD4K wrote:
I recently upgraded to JTALERT Version 2.50.5 which has the new "Miscellaneous Alerts" "B4" history selection.  I did not change my B4 settings to anything but continuous (no timeout).  It might be coincidental but since then some of my "B4" annotations to previously contacted stations are being dropped.  For example, this morning I contacted V31MA on 20M FT4.  V31MA was already in my logbook from a 20M contact in the past, both FT4 and FT8. There was no "B4" annotation on his callsign block and his block was "CQ Green".  After the contact I got a "B4" annotation on his callsign block and it turned red.  I went to 20M FT8 and came back to 20M FT4.  V31MA was still there but his callsign block did not have "B4" in it and it was "CQ Green".  So, I called V31MA and got another "B4" annotation and it changed color to red.  I then went to 20M FT8 for a minute, then back to 20M FT4 and V31MA was still there but the "B4" annotation was gone and it was "CQ Green" again.

I am using HRD with with HRD logging system.  I have no boxes checked on the JTALERT "Worked B4" setting.  I let HRD Logbook do my logging direct from WSJT-X.  Under the JTALERT Setting "Logging" I have nothing selected and never have.  I never noticed this issue before.

Thanks, Steve    AD4K

JTAlert loads worked before data form your logging program at startup and updates it as you log stations, if you don't have JTAlert doing the logging into your logging program then it will not update its database of stations worked since it was last started. In other words your configuration to log directly from WSJT-X to the HRD logbook is invalid.


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