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chas cartmel

I keep my TX frequency the same and don't tx on the CQ frequency - WSJT setting

It is annoying when stations QSY to my CQ frequency to respond to my CQ then call CQ themselves on that frequency when the QSO is over, simply bad operating, you wouldn't do that on phone.

Working split with hold TX frequency much more convenient and considerate to others.

73 Charlie
Stay safe out there

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I have seen this on 20 meters as well... I got shifted to OOB, but
caught it prior to transmit.

73, and thanks,
Dave (NK7Z)
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On 8/16/21 12:07 AM, Scott Armstrong wrote:
Hi Mike,

It is a WSJT-X feature. Only place I have ever seen it used is for
Meteor Scatter contacts on 50 MHz and up but don't see why it couldn't
be used elsewhere.
The fact that it QSYed outside?of the?band? would not be desirable?if
your radio doesn't have a TX inhibit to prevent OOB operation.

Scott AA5AM

On Sun, Aug 15, 2021 at 10:37 PM Michael Foreman W5MJF <mforeman@mjf.net
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I clicked on a cq call

? CQ 480 YN1ECF EK62? which caused my frequency to change to 7.480

If my tuner didn?t have a fit I might not have noticed.

From my all.txt file

210813_223000???? 7.074 Rx FT8???? -1? 0.3 2229 CQ 480 YN1ECF EK62

210813_223018???? 7.480 Tx FT8????? 0? 0.0 1965 YN1ECF W5MJF DM80

I have been searching for some documentation but only find vailed
references on the forum to a feature.

Is this a feature or a bug and is it wsjtx or jtalert?


Mike Foreman W5MJF

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