locked CQ QSY #FT8

Michael Foreman W5MJF

I clicked on a cq call

“ CQ 480 YN1ECF EK62” which caused my frequency to change to 7.480

If my tuner didn’t have a fit I might not have noticed.

From my all.txt file

210813_223000     7.074 Rx FT8     -1  0.3 2229 CQ 480 YN1ECF EK62

210813_223018     7.480 Tx FT8      0  0.0 1965 YN1ECF W5MJF DM80


I have been searching for some documentation but only find vailed references on the forum to a feature.

Is this a feature or a bug and is it wsjtx or jtalert?


Mike Foreman W5MJF

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