locked Re: Worked B4

Jim Cooper

I'm really not trying to be difficult, but just how
many POTA stations do you hear in a day?

Is it so many that you can't remember which ones
you just worked? or make a note on a small piece
of paper, "like we used to do in the old days"?

Laurie has done magic to add so many bells and
whistles to JTalert already, but some folks seem
to forget that EVERYTHING done by JTalert has
to be done in the last couple of SECONDS of each
FT8 cycle (even less with FT4). I think we should
all give a second and third thought to stuff we think
'would be nice to have' and consider if it is more
important that the REAL stuff that JTalert is good
at in the time it has to do the magic.


On 13 Aug 2021 at 19:06, Don Melcher wrote:

Sorry to want to be so specific but...

That would work if I was to enter call signs.

I have an alert for decoding the word POTA. I can be working around
the shop with the system on a band waiting for a POTA Alert. When
it´s a new UTC day it counts as a new contact. So if I work a
station at 23:30, it is "eligible" to work again at 00:00 and
it´s likely propagation will still be good. So I´m looking to
clear the B4 for ANY station calling CQ POTA at 00:00 UTC every day.

On Aug 13, 2021, at 6:03 PM, Jim Cooper <jim.w2jc@gmail.com>

On 13 Aug 2021 at 15:51, Don Melcher wrote:

I just want it to reset at 00 UTC.
ITMm looking for any POTA stations and
want to work them again if the
activation spans more then one day.
very simple ... with the callsign in the callsign
window at left side of the main JTalert window,
RIGHT click on it to get the menu,
then select "Add to Temporary Ignored Callsign List"

it will be ignored until you start up JTalert next time.


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