locked A curiosity at least

Dana Smith

So, I am running WSJTX 2.3.1, JT Alert 2.16.17 and Log4OM V2 2.16.0 and using Omnirig with an IC7410 on a Windows 10 computer. When I push Log QSO in WSJTX it used to automatically log into Log4OM Version 1. Now it won’t log into
Log4OM Version 2. (which sees the rig just fine so it recognizes the CAT op) That logging database is in the cloud as the manual suggests and all programs are seeing it and saying pass/pass when the connection is checked.

I have been through the manuals and install procedures for everything and have yet to divine why the new Log4OM isn’t automatically logged by JT Alert as things used to be.

Is there a master magician on line today who might have a clue about what the #%&&$# is going on?

Any help appreciated.
Dana K7QH

Any chance there is a version of Alert that works on a Mac or to be developed?

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