locked Re: CQ Marathon anomalies

Phil Cooper

Many thanks for that Laurie,

I will keep an eye out, but I think this may have solved the problem.
As yet, i haven't seen anything that might give an alert.

Very best 73


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On 11/08/2021 6:42 pm, Phil Cooper via groups.io wrote:

I do indeed have a QSL requirement set in the rebuild.... It is set to
LoTW, so I guess that is where the anomaly is coming from?
However, as QSL's are NOT needed, I have turned that off.

I will give that a go and see what happens...

73 de Phil GU0SUP
That will be the reason previously worked and auto-marked as no longer
needed Marathon entities are re-alerting at a later time as the rebuild
is resetting the need status because it is looking for LoTW
confirmations in your log.

You can keep the Lotw requirement set for the other Alerts and turn off
all QSL requirements for the Marathon Alert only. The individual Alerts
have independent QSL requirements set under their respective sections of
the Rebuild settings.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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