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For my 7300 I had to get a USB to CV-I cable and follow this setup to get it to work with WSJTX and FLDigi. Try selecting your radio in omnirig for the setup:

Icom IC7300 CAT control for multiple DATA programs.
The IC7300 and similar radios that have two CAT connections that can be separated provide an easy and unique method of connecting multiple software data packages.
1. Having installed the Icom USB port drivers to the PC
2. Connect a USB cable to the rear connection on the IC7300 and to a USB port on the PC
3. Connect a USB CI-V cable to the ‘REMOTE’ socket on the back of the IC-7300 and another USB port on the PC.
4. Make a note of the port numbers for these two connections as shown in the PC device manager
Setting up the IC7300
In Menu/Set/Connectors/CI-V set the following
CI-V Baud rate = 19200
CI-V Tranceive = OFF
CI-V USB Port = Unlink from (Remote) CI-V USB Baud Rate = 19200
All other settings as default
Setting up Log4OM
Download and install Omnirig.
In Settings/Program Configuration/CAT Interface
CAT Engine = Omnirig
Check the box = Auto start CAT
Check the box = Invert SSB side (CW)
Check the box = Switch to digital mode when required Default = Select FT8 from list

In the Omnirig menu
1. Select the radio from the drop-down list (IC7300 DATA)
2. Select the com port number for the USB – USB connection to the radio and set the Baud rate to 19200
3. Click OK (Frequency and mode changes on the radio will be reflected in Log4OM
Setting up WSJT CAT control
In WSJT File/Settings/Radio
Select OMNIRIG Rig?? In the Rig menu
Set PTT method to CAT
Set Mode to DATA/PKT
Set Split Operation to FAKE IT Click OK
Setting up FLDIGI CAT control
In FLDigi Configure/Configure Dialog/Rig Control/Hamlib
Select Icom IC7300 (Stable) from the Rig menu Check the box ‘USE HAMLIB’
Select the USB CI-V – Remote com port number in the ‘DEVICE’ menu Set ‘BAUD RATE’ to 19200
Click ‘SAVE’
Click ‘Close’
In the Configure menu click on Save Config

Good luck & 73

On Aug 11, 2021, at 10:21 AM, Dana Smith <ah6rim9@...> wrote:

Does anyone have any idea why V2 won't recognize the transceiver although V1 worked well?
Icom 7410, Windows 10.

Any chance there is a version of Alert that works on a Mac or to be developed?

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