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On 10/08/2021 9:59 pm, Tony Dixon G4CJC wrote:
I was just wondering with the most excellent new code there was any way to alert for parts of a callsign past the initial characters? Eg *DMC. I know what the help file says and it's useful but limited.
Tony G4CJC

Its on the todo list. Support for a more flexible regex style matching system will eventually be available courtesy of the new coding language. The existing matching mechanism is severely hamstrung by the woefully slow regex engine in the AutoIT code, which is the reason for the current restrictive limitation of a single trailing "%" character. Proper regex style matching would bring JTAlert to its knees on a very busy band with multiple matching strings to process.

The new implementation is being delayed because of the old AutoIT code that is still in place for all the Alerting logic and lookups. Once I can move the old alerting code away from AutoIT, a not-insignificant task due to its many internal dependencies on other internal AutoIT code, I will be able to introduce a proper regex style matching system for the Wanted Callsigns Alert.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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