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On 10/08/2021 11:23 pm, Phil Cooper via groups.io wrote:
I am still getting Marathon alerts for countries I have previously worked this year.
In setting, I have got "Auto clear triggered Alert entity after logging" checked, and under Bands, I have Tracking set to Any Band and Any Digital Mode.

I have just done a rebuild, and I am still getting several calls alerting me to a new Marathon entity, but they have ALL been worked this year, and 3 of them show B4 in the alter panel.
I am currently on 17m, and getting alters for 3W1T, T77C and 3D2USU, all of which were worked in the last month or so. The 3D2 was worked last week.

What am I missing here?

73 de Phil GU0SUP


It is hard to know exactly what is happening your end without having access to your JTAlert settings and Log file.

You mention performing the Rebuild, that is a potential cause of previously worked Marathon entities getting their need status changed from not-needed to needed. Do you perhaps have a QSL requirement set in the Rebuild scan for the Marathon Alert? If you don't want to loose previously worked-only entries (set by the Auto Clear) for a specific Alert like the Marathon, than make sure that the Rebuild Scan for that Alert does not have any QSL requirements set or better still turn off that Alert in the Rebuild settings.

Do you have the Logging Success dialog turned on? If not, turn it on and keep an eye on what Alert types it is reporting have been cleared as a result of the Auto Clear settings. If it is correctly reporting that Marathon Countries and Zones are being cleared then you should not be getting alerted to those in future decodes. If you still get alerted than we will need to embark on a debugging exercise to identify the cause.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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