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On 7/08/2021 12:32 am, Rick I2BRT wrote:
JTA newest version 2.50.4 (64 bit)
WSJT-X 2.4.0
Win 10 Pro 64

I always have the following error after few minutesĀ  :

Any idea ?
Kind 73 de Rick I2BRT


Unfortunately, AutoIT is notorious for providing incorrect line numbers when reporting fatal internal errors and often reporting the wrong type of error condition.

If this is happening consistently, that is every time you use JTAlert, it is unlikely to be a random error that some users on occasion get solved by a restart of JTAlert, but more likely to be corrupted or invalid data in the JTAlert config file that is triggering this error.

If it has been less than a week since this started it is possible to recover an old old backup config file and restore that. If it has been more than a week since this started happening, you will have to delete the config file and loose all your JTAlert settings.

See the JTAlert help file, "Troubleshooting ->
Setting Changes Not Remembered" topic. It discusses how to recover an older config backup file. It also tells you where the file is stored in case you need to delete it and start JTAlert fresh. JTAlert will automatically create a new config file if it is started without a file.

Important: I just noted an incorrect path in the help file instructions, the "X" was missing from "JTAlert"
The correct location for the config file is


de Laurie VK3AMA

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