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in fact I found my problem of disappearance of the menu box:
 dock to wsjt-x windows enable, and the box was ticked behind the wsjt-x window
Thank you for your answers
jlouis f6dev
Le 05/08/2021 à 22:16, Jean-Louis a écrit :

thank you for the answer, I am using wsjt-x 2.4.0 and jtalert 2.50.4, also running the last version hrd log program in the background. for jt alert I had four boxes
menu, all decodes, 1 alert grid, and 2 cq, it seems to me that when I had the menu box I closed and since then I can't find it anymore
 I send a photo as soon as I can
Le 05/08/2021 à 00:18, HamApps Support (VK3AMA) a écrit :
On 5/08/2021 7:55 am, Jean-Louis wrote:
I use jtalert 2.50.4 I mistakenly removed the menu box containing among other settings
I can't put it back.
can i have some help
thank you
jean louis f6dev

JTAlert does not allow removing menus. Are you referring to JTAlert or some other application?

Please post an image of the window with the missing menu. Don't post an image of your entire desktop, just the affected window is all that is needed.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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