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heath calhoun - kb5vai <hcalhoun@...>

Ah so it pulls from wsjtx then sends out?
Was not sure how that worked.
Will it pull past logs and upload those?

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Logging is done via a data packet sent via UDP from WSJT-X to JTAlert.  JTAlert then constructs an ADIF record and will use whatever the logging program needs to send it....typically using a TCP connection.

Mike W9MDB

On Tuesday, August 3, 2021, 10:29:57 PM CDT, heath calhoun - kb5vai <hcalhoun@...> wrote:

I see how logging works wsjtx.  But am not clear on logging with jtalert.  Does it read the wsjtx log file and use that to record and log qso?  But I see references to jtalert adif log?  I also see log book of the world, old man log book and eqsl logging.

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