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Jim Johnson KC4HW

GE all.  I have been following this thread for the last couple of days.  I too was having trouble with JTAlert populating it boxes.  I followed the instructions below very carefully and it still did not work. 
So, today I looked in N3FJP and under the Setting, Application Program Interface (API)... brings up a N3FJP APR 1.7 dialog and in the middle of this dialog with a title "WSJT-X Interface", and a check in the Listen for WSJT-X I selected the button Configure.  It brought up another WSJT Configuration Dialog and found that the IP was set to the IP address, I changed it to and then clicked Done at the bottom and all started working in my installation. 
Finally, I after it ran for a few minutes, I rebooted the computer and then restarted everything and it is still working.  So it appears that I have stumbled into the solution that fixed the problem that existed in my setup.  Your mileage may vary. 

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If the Callsigns window is not being populated it will be because JTAlert is not receiving UDP traffic from WSJT-X. The same applies to JTAlert not showing the logging confirmation window, if it never sees the UDP logging message it wont log to ACLog and will not display a confirmation/failure popup because it didn't perform the logging as it was unaware that WSJT-X logging took place.

It sounds like you have WSJT-X set for unicast UDP, using on port 2237 (the default values) and that ACLog has taken exclusive control of the UDP port effectively locking JTAlert out because it was started before JTAlert.

If you want to have both ACLog and JTAlert working with WSJT-X concurrently, you need to have WSJT-X configured to use multicast UDP. Use the JTAlert "Help -WSJT-X UDP Setup" menu to bring up the relevant section in the help file, it contains very simple 4 step instructions with pictures on how to enable multicast UDP in WSJT-X.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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