locked Re: jt alert not working.

Joe Subich, W4TV

Since your title bar shows "???m", the most likely issue is that
UDP communication is not working between JTDX and JTAlert.

1) Did you start JTAlert with the right shortcut?

2) Are either JTDX or JTAlert running with elevated permissions
("run as administrator")? If so, *DO NOT* run as administrator.

3) See "Help -> WSJTX UDP Setup" in JTAlert and follow those

4) Are any other programs running that use UDP connections -
logging software, etc.?


... Joe, W4TV

On 2021-07-27 3:13 PM, deni wrote:
Hey all,
I am trying to get jtalert working with jtdx.  At this point I am being unsuccessful.  I have used the standard setup under reporting in jtdx, but stilll nothing happens.  It just sets there and does nothing.  I am a little lost with jtalert.
Any help appreciated
73 - deni

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