locked Re: JT Alert not ready for prime time

Jim - N4ST

Perhaps JTALert is not for you.

There are +30,000 users that seem to be making out with it.

Laurie has provided us with an awesome product and I find it a wonderful addition to the digital world of ham radio.

I spent +8 years doing V&V for Naval fire support software and even well trained users can stumble and the most robustly tested software can have a few quirks.




Jim – N4ST


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    As much as I like the features of JT alert this sw is not ready for prime time. The programmer did not do do very good job of checking to make sure it would work with JT-X. I there fore deleatig it from my system and and will not use it till the progrmer fixs his or her program.


Gerald Muller K9GEM

USN DSC (SW) Retired 

Jim - N4ST

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