locked Re: jt alert not working.

Jim Cooper

On 27 Jul 2021 at 12:13, deni wrote:

I am trying to get jtalert working
with jtdx.  At this point I am being
unsuccessful.  I have used the
standard setup under reporting in
jtdx, but stilll nothing happens. 
It just sets there and does
nothing.  I am a little lost with

Any help appreciated
as has been said here so many times, even
just recently (did you read any of the mail
archive here to see if your problems were
discussed?) ... a message like yours is like
you went on the radio and said
"I'm lost somewhere west of the Rocky Mtns. ...
can you please help me get home?"

In other words, you told us things are not
working ... "doctor, I don't feel well .. what's
wrong?" what would your doctor do?

You told us NOTHING about symptoms or
what's not working. Take a deep breath, sit
back, and write another email with DETAILS
and lots of folks here will try to help.

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