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On 25/07/2021 9:02 am, Dan Bathker wrote:
I only use the logger internal to WSJT-X, my apologies for not mentioning that in my earlier email.

My WSJT-X log directory contains *3* log files:

1) WSJTX.log               (text file)
2) WSJTX_log.adi         (adi format)
3) WSJT-X _syslog.log  (text file)

So my question is, which of those three files does JTAlert access when a user requests "Rebuild Alert Database"?

JTAlert does not use any of the WSJT-X internal logs. It doesn't read them and does not log to them.

There are several reasons why JTAlert does not use the WSJT-X, but the most pertinent is that they don't contain any QSL information for the QSOs so would only be suitable for considering an Alert entity (eg dxcc, State, etc) as no longer needed by simply working a station. They are not suitable if you want an entity to be considered no longer needed after the QSO has been Confirmed. For example, I personally only consider an Entity as no longer needed once it has been confirmed by an LoTW confirmation other wise it stays in the Alert database to be Alerted when another station is decoded.

I strongly suggest you consider using a dedicated logger. My preference is DXLab DXKeeper.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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