locked Caller selection not setting WSJT-X to enable transmit #FT8

Neal Keating

I am running JTAlert version: 2.50.4 with WSJT-X version: 2.4.0

I notice a problem with my setup - If a station calls me it shows up correctly on JTAlert and sounds the set alarm.  However, If it click on the station in the All Decodes window it doesn't enable transmit on WSJT-X.  I have to select the station from WSJT-X to reply.

In JTAlert, I have filters for CQ and my call and it works normally.  When I select a station calling CQ, JTAlert sets WSJT-X to enable transmit and I can reply normally.

Is this a problem with my configuration/setup, an issue, or is this expected.

Thanks in advance for reply... Neal

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