locked Re: FFMA Grid Alerts- User Defined Alerts

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

On 22/07/2021 12:18 am, Francis Inman KV5W wrote:
I modified Mike's email scripts slightly and have the 6m FFMA grid email alerts working properly with the beta. To Mike's point, it's an all or nothing approach. On days that I want to receive all needed grid alerts on 6m, I would have to run a different email script. I'm fine with that, however adding it as a checkbox to the user defined alerts or an addition to something related to the "Obey Alert Filters" check box would be quicker.

-Francis, KV5W

I'd rather not have to add additional logic and UI changes to the existing (old AutoIT) code-base. This new IsFFMAGrid variable for the user alert didn't involve any coding changes to the old code, it was a simple one-line addition to the code that generates the user alert, adding in the additional "Yes/No"variable, no UI changes and now changes to the existing alerting logic, which, frankly has become a mess of spaghetti code I prefer not to play with at this time.

The simplest solution would be to create an additional mailer script for FFMA. When you want to switch between chasing FFMA only or all Grids on 6m, open the Settings and select the appropriate script.
I know it takes time to open the Settings window, but we have to live with that for the foreseeable future. If I was to add a checkbox backed with code to make changes to the alerting logic you would still have to open the Settings window.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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