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CSM\(r\) Gary Huber - AB9M

After the Windows 10 Pro 64 bit reset and all of the reinstalls of JTAlert to the last updated version and .NET (without security problems) and reloads of DXLab Suite and WSJT-X, I'm finally seeing it all working together... FT8 decodes to JTAlert and logging to DXkeeper.

Thank you to Laurie, Michael, and everyone who contributed to the solution.   

Gary ~ AB9M

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This is exactly what I am seeing on my computer; ASUS B450F motherboard, AMD Ryzen 5 2600, 16 GB RAM, AMD R500/550 Graphics card, WIN 10 Pro -64 bit with the latest updates and Kaspersky Total security. I am in the process of resetting and reloading this computer because I was also seeing "Windows 10 Black Screen Of Death", which makes me think there was some file corruption in the graphics library.

It would be interesting to know what hardware/OS/software is working versus what is not.

Gary ~ AB9M

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On 14/07/2021 6:56 pm, Dave Miller via groups.io wrote:
you are right. JTAlertV2.Manager.exe is constantly running and dropping out. I checked Kaspersky and it is set to a trusted app. Not sure what else to do but will see if there are any Windows security settings blocking it.

Dave G6AWF

JTAlertV2.Manager stopping and starting every couple of seconds indicates that the Manager process is faulting and shutting down and the main controlling JTAlert process is starting it up as it was detected not running. JTAlert has always done this and it checks for the presence of the Manger every 2 seconds.

I can make this type of fault happen at will by simply running JTAlert against in incorrect NET runtime, either the wrong bit version or having the NET Runtime installed rather than the required NET Desktop Runtime.

Open up Windows event viewer and see if there are errors recorded there under "Windows Logs -> Application". This is from my machine when I try and run 32bit JTAlert install with the 64bit NET Desktop runtime installed.


Let me know what you find.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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