locked Re: [Request] menu for "lookups" for Log4OM2


Hi Rick.
I just started using Log4OM2 this week and I don't know how to use it due to lack of study, so I learned to display it in the Vew menu "Worked before" of Log4OM2, so I will use it. Thank you.

I am displaying WSJT-X, JTALert and Log4OM2 in a small space and a small display device, so I want to see the past QSO situation without increasing the number of windows and moving the focus like when using DX Keeper. I wanted to use JTAlert to select nifty 73 messages such as "TU NEWBAND 73", "TU NEWMODE 73" and "TU x BANDS 73". Because of that, there are requests such as the request posted a while ago (# 35690) that wants to display the number of QSO bands regardless of the submode.


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