locked [Request] menu for "lookups" for Log4OM2


I recently changed from DXKeeper to Log4OM2. JTAlert is very comfortable to use.

The slightly inconvenient point is that it is troublesome to know the past QSO status immediately. Isn't the "DX Lab lookups" menu provided for DXkeeper also available for Log4OM2?

When you actually call the DX station, the character string is placed in the call sign of the other party of Log4OM2, so it does not seem to be so difficult compared to DX Keeper. If this menu addition is realized, Log4OM2 users will be happy because they can see the past QSO status by the same operation as DXKeeper before actually calling operation. In that case, there is no need to press "worked before (F10)" in the Log4OM2 window.

Please consider it.

I'm using:
WSJT-X 2.3.0 (I use this to avoid a bug that Tx5 generated by JTAlert is not sent when Tx4 is RRR)
JTAlert 2.50.4


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