locked Re: Problems with JTAlert latest install

Laurie, VK3AMA

On 15/07/2021 6:14 am, Jim Wysocki wrote:

Laurie, the config file only contains two more files, JTAlert and JTAlertX.  Each of these files contains config.sqlite records.  "Callsigns_1.config" & "Callsigns_1.config.json" are not not within the W9FI\config folder.


Your in the wrong config directory if your seeing "JTAlert" & "JTAlertX" sub-directories.

There are two config directories, one with above mentioned sub-directories is used by the main JTAlert. They contain config.sqlite files. These are not what you want. The other which contains the Callsigns_1.config file is the one causing the problems. See this post for the fix https://hamapps.groups.io/g/Support/message/36310


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