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Laurie, VK3AMA

On 13/07/2021 6:39 pm, daniel lavocat wrote:
I would like to have the same presentation as in the documentation like this:

i.e. having the small triangles as at the bottom left or right.

I don't see how to display triangles.
In fact I would like to display a triangle at the bottom left if LOTW ; a triangle at the bottom right if eQSL; is it possible ?

Because currently the LOTW and eQSL symbols are only displayed at the top right.

I would like to keep this position at the top right only for stations which are "ON-LINE".
Thank you for your help.



Sorry, That image on the HamApps website is old and will be getting replaced.

The old QSL flags are no longer available. The have been replaced by user-settable symbols, at last count there are 17 different symbols to choose from. The symbols are now grouped together and are always visible, something that was a problem with the old flags in the bottom corners when the display was set to not show the Country. The CQ/73/DX badge would obscure one of the QSL flags.

The change to symbols, grouped in an unobstructed area of the display was done as there is a future need for an additional symbol, bring the count to 4 making it impossible to display all symbols in individual corners of the display without 1 or 2 being obscured by the Badge image.

The only way to get the QSL flags and their positioning back is to downgrade JTAlert to version 2.50.0

de Laurie VK3AMA

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