locked Callsign window #1 actions and display contradictions

Jim Cary

Still trying to recover from a computer crash and the need to rebuilt WSJT-X and JT Alert.  Painful and slow!  At least two issues still remaining.

1. When I double click on a call in the Callsign #1 window the call does not appear in the first or second line of WSJT-X where the call of the station you are wanting to work goes and the Enable TX light does not go to red.

2. Significant differences are occurring between both programs as to whether or not a country or grid, or state are needed.  I believe JT alert takes its information from the alert settings in JT alert.  Is it possible that WSJT takes its information from the WSJT ADIF log?  Since this log got wiped out with the crash and is starting from scratch, that might explain the discrepancies.



Does anyone know the answer to this?

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