locked Re: JTAlert 2.50.3

daniel lavocat


no one know how to do?

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Le 13 juil. 2021 à 10:39, daniel lavocat <F6FLU@...> a écrit :

I would like to have the same presentation as in the documentation like this:

i.e. having the small triangles as at the bottom left or right.

I don't see how to display triangles.
In fact I would like to display a triangle at the bottom left if LOTW ; a triangle at the bottom right if eQSL; is it possible ?

Because currently the LOTW and eQSL symbols are only displayed at the top right.

I would like to keep this position at the top right only for stations which are "ON-LINE".
Thank you for your help.

For example here I have :



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