locked Re: Some worked grids showing as not worked


On 13/07/2021 13:04, Jim Cary wrote:
Bill.... Thanks That did the trick.

Just to be clear, JT Alert needed countries, grids, etc works off the tables in JT Alert that are updated when you do a "Rebuild Aleert Databases", correct?

Hi Jim,

it is not quite that simple and depends what logging application you use. As I understand it JT Alert scan your log for worked before stations every time it starts, it does this silently in the background and once it has gathered the data it augments it with newly logged QSO partners as well. This last point is why JTAlert only works properly if it is involved in transferring logged QSOs between WSJT-X and your logging application since it needs to know about them. The "Rebuild Alert Databases" handles all of the rest of the information needed to track and generate alerts, like your progress towards your defined DXing goals, e.g. LoTW and QSL card confirmations of DXCC Enities worked, etc..


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