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On 13/07/2021 7:28 am, Joe Subich, W4TV wrote:
Because *WSJTX* ONLY REPORTS ONE FREQUENCY.  If you have a problem
with that take it up with the developers of WSJTX.  Note: *UPDATE*
to WSJTX 2.4.0 (the current release level) *BEFORE* reporting any

JTAlert can only report what WSJTX gives it.


   ... Joe, W4TV

JTAlert logs what it receives .

WSJT-X does not provide separate tx & rx frequencies in the logging data.

An examination of the wsjt_log.adi file shows that only a single frequency is recorded, <freq> which per the adif standard is the TX frequency. The Dial + Tx offset. eg a test QSO logged, dial = 7.074, Tx offset = 3000Hz giving a Tx freq of 7.077000
<call:6>VK3AMA <gridsquare:0> <mode:3>FT8 <rst_sent:0> <rst_rcvd:0> <qso_date:8>20210712 <time_on:6>220931 <qso_date_off:8>20210712 <time_off:6>220931 <band:3>40m <freq:8>7.077000 <station_callsign:6>VK3AMA <my_gridsquare:6>QF22PF <eor>

JTAlert does not use the
wsjt_log.adi file for logging, it uses the "QSO Logged" UDP message.
Note the absence of separate Tx, Rx or Dial frequencies fields. Just a single "Tx frequency (Hz)" field which is the same as the adi file, Dial + Tx offset.
 * QSO Logged    Out       5                      quint32
 *                         Id (unique key)        utf8
 *                         Date & Time Off        QDateTime
 *                         DX call                utf8
 *                         DX grid                utf8
 *                         Tx frequency (Hz)      quint64
 *                         Mode                   utf8
 *                         Report sent            utf8
 *                         Report received        utf8
 *                         Tx power               utf8
 *                         Comments               utf8
 *                         Name                   utf8
 *                         Date & Time On         QDateTime
 *                         Operator call          utf8
 *                         My call                utf8
 *                         My grid                utf8
 *                         Exchange sent          utf8
 *                         Exchange received      utf8

de Laurie VK3AMA

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