locked Re: Logging Wrong Rcv Freq to DXKeeper

Jim N6VH

On 7/12/2021 2:01 PM, Dale Drake wrote:
Okay, so none of the comments so far have helped me solve my problem.  I know that JTAlert creates a 1 QSO ADIF file that includes both the xmt and rcv freq that is read by DXKeeper and it is logged as presented.  So why does JTAlert list my xmt freq as the rcv freq if I'm running split in FT8 in WSJT-X?  If my dial freq is 50.313 and I'm listening on 500Hz audio and transmitting on 2500 Hz audio JTAlert should show my xmt as 50.315.5 and my  rcv as either 50.313 or 50.3135 but it doesn't.


The xmt & rcv freqs that JTAlert puts in the file are what is sent to JTAlert by WSJT-X. JTALert is not connected to the rig, and has no direct knowledge of the frequencies. JTAlert can only know what is sent to it. For that matter, both the wsjtx.log and the wsjtx_log.adi only list one frequency.


Jim N6VH

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