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On 12/07/2021 3:07 pm, Björn SM7IUN wrote:
The Swedish audio file uses the word "tillstånd" for state which is amusing but wrong.
"Tillstånd" is the Swedish word for "state" as in "state of mind" or "state machine". 
The Swedish word for state as in "governmental entity" is "stat".

Björn SM7IUN

Tnx Björn.

This type of incorrect pronunciation is caused by how the audio files are automatically generated. Its a 2 step process utilizing some online tools to perform the translations and audio generation.

  1. Translate the English text to the target language.
  2. Generate the target language audio file using the translated text from step 1.

Step 1. is the problem. A single word or a short phrase can be taken out of context when it is not part of a much longer sentence. When used in a sentence it helps infer the correct context, but it becomes difficult to extract the correct translation without human intervention.

I have updated the translation database per your advice. I note in the database that some of the "New ..." translations are "ny ..." and some are "nytt ...". Which is correct "ny" or "nytt"? Let me know and I will also include those for new audio file generation.

I will try an find time to get the audio files recreated and republished to the HamApps website over the next couple of days. Once I do I will send you the changed files for review.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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