locked What happened to Ignore callsign option

WB5JJJ - George

Prior to the new redesign, I had the option to ignore a callsign during this instance of JTA until a restart or permanently.  This was really useful when you start to get annoyed by an alert for a certain callsign and want to just mute him for the duration.  I could drill down the menu system and set their call to ignore, but the click was so much easier and didn't take but a second.  I miss that.  

This is most prevalent when an "Alaska" or "Hawaii" call keeps being announced on 6m, but they are actually now in AZ or CA.  They just don't realize the grief (but probably do and enjoy it) they cause by not changing their call from a most wanted one to where they now permanently reside.  But they do get a lot of "hits", but no confirmation of any real value to the uninformed.  

George - WB5JJJ
Hamshack Holine #4969

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