locked Re: Failure to Alert On 13 Colonies European Calls

Laurie, VK3AMA

On 8/07/2021 1:02 am, Stan Edwards - WA4DYD wrote:
saw TM13COL many times without a single alert showing up.  I'm not familiar with the information passed between the two applications, so cannot speak to any reasoning why the two XX13COL calls do not seem to be crossing over, especially when others have seen success.
TM13COL and GB13COL didn't alert or even display in JTAlert because of your filtering. You have the "LoTW or eQSL"  filter set. Any decoded callsigns that doesn't meet those QSL requirements will not be alerted or displayed.

You need to turn of the Filter if you want alerting on those callsigns.

Callsign QSL usage is recorded in the HamApps Callsign database. Neither TM13COL and GB13COL are in that database because at the time it was created neither station was using LoTW or Eqsl.

I just now (within the last hour) did a callsign database rebuild in preparation for distribution. Both Callsigns are still not listed.

While TM13COL is shown on the Lotw website as having done an upload at 2021-07-06 12:33:59Z, that is not reflected in the latest membership download file provided by Lotw, the file upon which the the database is created. That file list the most recent uploads as
2012-07-04, nothing later.

Until the Lotw membership file is updated with more recent activity there is nothing I can do about the inaccuracies with the JTAlert Callsigns database. I don't know how frequently the LoTW membership file is updated or on what day of the week.

My recommendation... If you're going to chase special events like 13 Colonies turn off the Filtering you have set in JTAlert to avoid stations not displaying/alerting.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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