locked Re: Failure to Alert On 13 Colonies European Calls

Stan Edwards - WA4DYD

Laurie, these are screen shots of the two pages referenced.  Sorry I missed what you were looking for.  I tried both formats of the call I saw in the decoded display on WSJT-X as you will see in the screen shot of wanted calls.  I tried all afternoon yesterday and saw TM13COL many times without a single alert showing up.  I'm not familiar with the information passed between the two applications, so cannot speak to any reasoning why the two XX13COL calls do not seem to be crossing over, especially when others have seen success.  Are their other filters I'm overlooking?  It is puzzling that all the other calls worked and the problem seems confined to these two.  It's the first time I've tried using this feature for the special callsigns.

Thanks again for taking a look.

Stan Edwards, WA4DYD

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