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Greg Yates <gyates@...>

Right bottom corner of call signs window left click on gear. Should open up to what you want.





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Where do I access this menu please ?

Le 06/07/2021 à 12:52, OM Marlon, DW3CWM via groups.io a écrit :

Can be seen as a diamond in upper left hand side of callsign, see attached callsigns option




73 de Marlon, DW3CWM


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From: Paul F6EXV
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Subject: [HamApps] LoTW flag


Hi all

Using JTAlert v 2.50.2

I have searched the settings for the LoTW flag (previous version had a

small triangle at the bottom left corner of each callsign "box"), but

could not find it.

Where can I set this up on this latest version ?

Thanks + 73

 Paul F6EXV







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