locked [WSJTX] Request - Wanted Call Text Box

Gordon Brown

Saw this on the WsjtX group. Thought you would like to know.


On 5/07/2021 11:51 am, N8OFP.DL@... wrote:
I would like to see a text box added to the main screen of WSJT-X where a user could enter a specific call sign they are watching for. The program would highlight that call sign in some fashion to let the user know that it had been decoded. With the FT8 and FT4 modes becoming more and more popular it is difficult to find a specific call sign. This is especially true during special events or contest (prime example the 13 Colonies Event). The text box would only hold one call sign and the user could copy and paste or type the call sign in. To remove the call sign the user would simply highlight the call and either type over it, or delete it. 

I know programs like JTAlert offer this function but the process to add or remove a call sign is too time consuming, and the author doesn't seem interested in making any such change..    

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