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Mark Basel <mb02731@...>

The "log debugging information" box is not checked and restarted DXKeeper just to make sure. I still have the see "DXKeeper Errorlog.txt" message in the title bar.

On Jun 25, 2021, at 11:53 PM, Dave AA6YQ <aa6yq@...> wrote:

+ AA6YQ comments below

yes the QSO makes it to the DX keeper log but does not automatically upload to Lotw which is why Im running this two
programs to begin with. I have increased the delay to 20 seconds time to log the QSO, still no luck. Guess I can do them manually
but thats a PITA and defeats the reason to use DXKeeper in the first place...

If 20 seconds is insufficient time for DXKeeper to write the QSO to its log file that suggests to me that DXKeeper is hanging while
it tries to upload the QSO to LoTW. My understanding is that DXKeeper doesn't write the QSO to the physical log gile until after it
has completed any online uploads .

+ Not correct; DXKeeper first logs the QSO, and then performs the uploads.

See this response <https://hamapps.groups.io/g/Support/message/35796> from Dave AA6YQ the DXLab author to help isolate the cause of
LoTW upload failing.

+ Mark sent me the errorlog.txt file I created, which revealed that the component DXKeeper employs to upload and download files via
the internet is not properly registered with Windows. This was signified by the presence of the words "See DXKeeper Errorlog.txt" in
the title bar of DXKeeper's Main window.

+ If DXKeeper was unable to register the component because of interference from Windows' access control mechanism, the instructions
I sent Mark should overcome that problem. We'll see...

+ DXKeeper users: if the words "See DXKeeper Errorlog.txt" appear in the title bar of DXKeeper's Main window, then examine the
Configuration window's General tab to see if the "log debugging information" box has been checked; if so, uncheck it, and restart
DXKeeper. If not, then please attach the errorlog.txt file from your DXKeeper folder to an email message, and send the message to me

aa6yq (at) ambersoft.com

+ No "pre-approval" from me is required.


Dave, AA6YQ

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