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On 26/06/2021 7:53 am, Bob wrote:
I'm using wsjt-x windows 10 .Not using any contest mode. When I say gong to their page I mean I go to their page on QRZ.COM and check their log to see if was good contact and no it's not there. ALT + Q Will take you there. When I get pop-up to confirm QSO There isn't any signal report for me just the report I gave him/her and the time for Sent and received is the same it looks like not enough time. Is there a setting for increasing time for contact  to complete. Let me know your thoughts. Thank you kb1yxn 

Not everyone uploads their QSOs to QRZ, either manually or in real-time. QRZ is not a reliable source in this regard.
I personally never upload to QRZ.

As for missing signal report and QSO start/stop times, JTAlert will only log what it has received from WSJT-X when you log the QSO. You should check the "Log QSO" window fields before hitting the OK button and adjust any incorrect or missing data.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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