locked Re: Signal report

Tom Melvin


First off I suspect this is nothing to do with JTAlert - more a WSJT-X? query - their support is at:

You may want to expand on the question you ask.

Are you using WSJT-X or one of the clones, which version, which OS.

You say ‘I go to their page’ - who’s page??

A screen shot can help - you are not in one of the contest modes by any change?



On 23 Jun 2021, at 23:58, Bob <bobl4655@...> wrote:

I get call. I answer with report + or - dB I get call again I respond with r+or minus.I wait for response I get 73 no signal report. Has been like this for couple days I go to their page and it hasn't logged. I have box checked for signal report in comments. It's  not just intermittent. I Don't know if it is on my end or theirs. I'm not sure if that's clear or not. Using newest versions  Thanks bobl4655@...

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