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Michael Lizzio

Since I was a victim of identity theft a few years back and in my work provided support for IT SCADA for a major petroleum pipeline company for many years. theaths that are identified by the tools we have at hand must be taken seriously.  

I really enjoy using JTALERT but will not assume that things can't go wrong. If an AV software flags it unsafe I will heed the warning. You know what happens when you assume.

Thank you for the use of an excellent program. 

Mike WA2TOP 

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Many AV software flag JTA as ‘suspicious’ as they have a limited user base to establish it’s veracity.
If you download to an ‘exempt’ folder then make the install folder ‘exempt’ by adding it to a white list of safe locations then all will be well for this and future installs. Laurie provides virus check data on the site by the download link.

This has been flogged to death over the years, with the same advice provided time and time again.

73 Charlie



Stay safe out there




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From where did you download the latest version of JTAlert?


I would backtrack, delete the downloaded file, and try to re-download and re-install.








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Good Day,


This has stopped me from being able to download the new version. My knowledge on computers is limited.  Do you have any idea how I can get rid of this problem?

I am using Windows Defender.

Thank you in advance for your help.




Sam Bacon


Oriental NC





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